X has pretty friends. One day, X brought his friends to his office mates during their sex party. And, his office mates gave him $10,000 for bringing the pretty girls. The next day, he gave $7,000 to the girls. Did X committed a crime?   A. No, his office mates did. B. Yes, for theft … Continue reading CLSQ 3


X lend a motorcycle from Honda in Makati payable for 4,000 monthly. When he lost his job and no other means to pay for the motorcycle, he went to Pasay City to hide the motorcycle.  Did he committed a crime? A. No, there is no case filed yet. B. Yes, he is liable of removal … Continue reading CLSQ2


X killed Y in 1920. The crime of Murder during that time was Death by Hanging. In 1932, the Penal Code was revised. The penalty for murder this time is Reclusion Perpetua. X was convicted of Murder in 1940. What is the penalty of X? A. X must be hanged because there is no ex post facto … Continue reading CLSQ 1