The Controversial Woman

Beautiful Wife by Kah Wai  Sin

If the Book of Genesis mentioned only Adam, Eve, and their two sons, Abel and Cain, so, how come Cain found a wife?

How can you possibly answer this, if the only evidence left is solely documentary citation found in the Holy Scripture?

Now, let’s find out.

The wife of Cain is one of the most debatable person found in the Bible. It’s because if you read the story of creation, there were only 4 people recorded in it namely Adam, Eve, then their two sons, Abel and Cain.

So, how come Cain got a wife, in the first place? Did he marry his mother?

Of course, that’s a big NO!

God doesn’t allow incestuous relationship. It can be read in the old testament, “God said, you’re not allowed to have sexual relations with your mother or the mother of your wife, or your sisters.”

So, who was she?

I once asked a friend about it and he answered me, Cain married a  female ape. He is trying to say something about the theory of Evolution of Man.

This is a very surprising answer and I really appreciate his idea. However, if you read the Book “The Origin of the Species” and “Theory of Evolution” by Charles Darwin, you could say that Cain did not marry an ape.

Why? Because from these two books, Darwin didn’t say that man came from ‘ape’. Rather, he said that man came from an ‘ape-like’ ancestor.

Is there a difference? Yes, of course.

Now, test yourself from these two exercises so that you can distinguish the slight difference between the two.

Which statement says that you’re human?

“You look like a man or you look like an ape?”

 Here is another one, which statement says that you pass the exam.

I almost pass the exam or I almost fail the exam?

Photo by Jnshimko

 Using these statements as analogies, you can infer that Cain married an ape-like woman who was really a human being and not some sort of a monkey. Am I saying that there was other human being not mentioned in the Bible?

Actually, I am. There are other people during the time of Adam, Eve, Abel and Cain. Only that they are not alluded by the writer.

But some documentary evidences show that they existed side by side with them. You just have to use your discerning eyes to see them. Here are the other evidences.

Take Note of the Limiting Word “Only”

Take note that the Book of Genesis didn’t say that God made Adam and Eve ‘only’. Had there been such a word, the number of people seen in the text should be such number as well. But there’s none, and so the statement isn’t limiting.

Therefore, there were other people besides the four.

Parable of Tares

Another compelling evidence is found in the Gospel of Matthew 13:24-30. The Parable of the Tares.

It goes. Camera lights!? Action!

A man sowed good seeds in the field. But while he slept, his enemy came and sowed bad seeds among the good ones, and went his way. But when the blade sprung up, the man and his servant went back to the field again.

The servant asked his master, Sir, did you not sowed good seeds only in the field, why there are tares growing among the wheat? The master replied, an enemy has done this.

Vladimir Pustovit2.jpg
Photo by Vladimir Pustovit

Do you want me to uproot the tares? The servant asked.

No, let them grow together and during the harvest, I will say to my reapers to gather first the tares, bind them in bundles, and throw them into the fire, then, gather up the wheat and put them into my barn. The master replied.

Jesus said that the wheat are the sons of the kingdom and the tares are the sons of the devil. The vineyard is the world, the reapers are the angels and the harvest is the end of the age.

This parable is very useful. It corroborates the high possibility of other individuals not mentioned by the author in the story of creation found in the Book of Genesis.

The only thing that I wonder is why Jesus mentioned only sons, how about the daughters? But when I remember that Eve came from the rib of Adam.

I, then, realized that sons encompassed both man and woman. For a woman simply came from man’s body.

Seeds mean plurality. If they refer to sons, it simply says that God didn’t just create one man and one woman.

God created as many man and woman just as the devil also created more than one. Thus, Cain probably married either one of the daughters of devil or the daughter of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Who Wrote the Story of Creation?

Here is the third evidence which demonstrate that there were “other people” besides Adam, Eve, Abel and Cain.  And from these “other people”, Cain found one to be his wife.

Photo by John O’Nolan

The author of the Story of Creation itself is the answer. If you know who wrote this story, you will have an idea why Cain found a wife.

So, the question now is who wrote it? Is it Adam? Eve? Cain, or Abel?

If you choose one of them, then, you’re wrong. But don’t worry, you can still cope up. Just burn the midnight oil next time.

This is the reason. There were 5 books attributed to Moses.  They are Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy. All found in the Old Testament section.

The story of creation is located in the Book of Genesis. So, if this is the case, you may rightfully conclude that the author is someone born during the time of Moses, if it wasn’tt Moses who personally wrote those books.

And, if you read the whole five books, you will know that Moses was born several generations away from Adam. There’s a gap of a thousand years in between them.

From this, you can say that the purpose of the author is not really to enumerate how many people were there during the time of Adam. But simply to tell the whole world that the Israelites are the descendants of Adam who was created by God.

He simply showed with so much pride that their distant forefather was with God. But not to count the exact number of individuals during that time.

Supply and Demand

Probably, this is the second to the last proof of how Cain found a wife.

Also, the occupation of Abel and Cain will give us a lead that there were other people beside them and their parents.

Photo by Simon Matzinger

The Bible says that Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. Take note of the words farmer and flocks.

Then, asked why Cain was farming and Abel was tendering flocks? Is there a demand of agricultural products?

Who were demanding wool, meat, milk, vegetables or fruits?

It makes sense, right? Cain withheld from God the best products from the fields perhaps because he wanted it sold to the market who were demanding so much supplies.

While Abel offered to God the best flocks that he had. Therefore, it’s logical to say that there were already many people already during their time.

Civilization had already evolved. So, that’s why Cain found a wife.


Res Ipsa Loquitor (the Thing Speaks for Itself)

Lastly, the Bible said Cain found a wife. So, it means to say that there was already other people aside from the 4 of them.

The statement, itself, speaks for it. Were there not, how come the writer say it so?

Photo by Bernal Saborio

In addition, when God pronounced the judgment to Cain after he killed his brother, Cain pleaded stating “my punishment is so harsh, if people will see me, they’ll kill me.” Again, it simply implies that the author had in mind other people during their times.

From whom Cain was afraid of? Cain said, ‘they will kill me’. He wasn’t referring to his father Adam nor to his mother.

So, there were already communities besides them. In other words, to interpret the Bible, all you have to do is read between the lines.

See the unseen, connect the broken pieces and don’t hesitate to play it by ear.





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  1. A big problem with lots of people is that they want to have the first people also to look like them. The first man and woman were not apes but had their four limbs they used to walk, climb, catch and eat. Their structure of the skull was totally different than the present homo sapiens.


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