How to Pass the Panel Interview

Panel of Interviewers by California National Guard

Have you already passed all the test? And now you’re bound for a panel interview. Do you know what’s going to happen when it comes? Good! You are in the right place.

Before the interview this is what you do. Be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared

Physical look is important. And, how you prepare for it is also crucial. Don’t problem your face even if your face is really your problem because like I said, it’s the look and not the face which counts. Just take a bath to refresh your body, shave you facial hair, listen to soft music to lighten your feelings, wear comfortable clothing and just sit and relax. And, most important of all, be mindful of instruction what to wear on the day of interview.

Mental Aspect

The next thing is mental preparedness. Don’t just go there with all the forms but without substance. Of course, this has nothing to do with going over your textbook and study it again. You aren’t in school anymore. This isn’t the time to sharpen your sword but to brandish it.

Emotional Aspect

Stay positive. To keep you cool, just say the words “all is well”. For many times until you fully convince yourself that everything will be alright. Stay away from negative people because these guys have all the problems to every solution. Instead, mingle with positive people because they are the guys who have solutions to every problems.

The Moment

So, now, you already knew what to do. The most important thing is during the interview. How will you sell yourself to the interviewers and be accepted to join government service? What’s the secret?

The secret is there is none. All you have to do is answer. You must respond to every question thrown at you. It doesn’t matter whether or not your answer was right or wrong. Just simply respond. Speak naturally, honestly and humbly. Always say something beautiful. Even if you have negative opinions on it but try to look at bright side of it.

Saying I don’t know, Sir, is also an answer. You aren’t expected to know everything. But take note of the current trends and be sure to give your opinion. Some questions are given in advance so there’s really no reason to worry.

These are the possible questions and suggested answers

Describe your father. (Say something about his positive traits)

What is your course? (Expect follow up questions)

Why do you want to work with us? (For an honor to serve the government, security of tenure, for your family, and for yourself.)

Do you have boyfriend? (Say you don’t have to lure the guy interviewer)

How is your profession related to this work? (Be imaginative. For example, your course is Bachelor of Science in Forestry and you are applying for a police officer or Jail officer, just say to get rid of the weeds “masamang damo”)

Do you know how to dance? (If you know say yes) And, expect that you’ll be ordered to dance. Dance erotically to gain favor. No, Just kidding. Make it graceful.

What can you say about our government? (If this ask, don’t appear to be an activist, even if you are because you’ll surely have a problem.)

What is your edge against other applicants. (If this is asked, say something what other applicants don’t have like your awards, yourself, your discipline and achievements)

So, that’s it. God bless.




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