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Light felonies are punishable only when they have been consummated, with the exception of those committed against person or property.

What are light felonies?

Light felonies are those defined under Article 9, paragraph 3. 

The light felonies punished by the Revised Penal Code.

  • Article 266. Slight physical injuries 
  • Article 309, paragraphs 7 and 8. Theft
  • Article 313. Alteration of boundary marks
  • Article 328, paragraph 3. Malicious Mischief
  • Article 329, paragraph 3. Malicious Mischief
  • Article 364. Intriguing Against Honor 

General Rule

Light felonies are punishable only when they have been consummated.



Light felonies committed against persons or property, are punishable even if attempted or frustrated. 


Example of light felonies against person

  • Article 266 – Slight physical injuries and maltreatment

Example of light felonies against property

  • Article 309, No. 7 – Theft by hunting or fishing or gathering fruits, cereals or other forest or farm products upon an enclosed estate or field where trespass is forbidden and the value of the thing stolen does not exceed P5.00
  • Article 309, No.8 – Theft, where the value of the stolen property does not exceed P5.00 and the offender was prompted by hunger, poverty, or the difficulty of earning a livelihood.
  • Article 313 – Alteration of boundary marks.
  • Article 328, No; Article 329, No.3 – Malicious mischief where the damage is not more than P200 or if it cannot be estimated. 

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