Examination by Ryan McGilchrist

Neuro exam may be difficult but it’s not impossible to pass. First of all, you have to know your goal. What job are you applying to? You must have ample knowledge of its nature. And with this initial understanding will give you some edge to pass it.

1. Mindsetting

Before the exam stay positive. Instill in your mind, I can do well with it.
All your negative thoughts like fear of the outcome will only stress you out and won’t help. So, if you want to pass, believe that you can. It’s free. Just take a deep breathe. Fresh air refreshes the mind.

2. Be Honest

As you answer the series of tests, always tell the truth. Reveal who you are. Never fake out. Don’t be shy to expose your yin and yang. But, as you unveil the dark side of yours just be ready to show to the examiner that you are doing all you can to correct it.

3. Follow Simple Instruction

Pay attention to what is ask and answer it plainly.

4. Understand How the Examiner Will Evaluate You

There are sets of test. And, there’s time limit for each. Take note that there is no right or wrong answers. There are only responses. But all your response will shed light to what kind of person are you as a whole. All these are simply impressions of your personality.

Take this example

Test 1. What is your favorite subject in high school?

You answered Math.

The examiner will look at the result of your IQ Test whether or not you have answered most of math questions. This is called validation.

5. Answer All Questions Completely 

Except, IQ test, you are expected to answer all questions but if you really have no answer just leave it blank. Do not copy from your seat mate. Take note again, the examiner is not scouting for geniuses.

6. Be Familiar With Possible Questions. 

Picture Test

You will be shown photos, pictures and other else and you are to give descriptions of it.

Drawing Test

You will be asked to draw a man and a woman, name and why you draw him/her.

Tips: Draw a man/woman with complete parts. 2 eyes, eyebrows, 2 ears, mouth, 2 nose holes, and hair. Just avoid anime figures.

Essay Writing

You will be given a topic to elaborate. This will show your writing skills and your English proficiency.


Sentence Completion

This is just an easy test but take it sincerely. Again, be true to the examiner and  to yourself.

My father is ………..
My sex life is………
So and so forth.

Personal Interview

Oral interview will took place after the written exam. Don’t be scared, stay positive and be sincere with your responses.

Have Someone to Back You Up

You may wonder what’s the use of it? Now, let me tell you a story.

There was an applicant let’s call him Boy. He took the Neuro Exam and he failed!
He called his godfather, a high-ranking officer in the uniform service.

His godfather called the examiner and asked how his godson doing. And, the examiner told him he didn’t make it.

But the godfather asked him, did you recheck his paper?

The examiner said yes. But still he fell below the requirement, Sir. He replied.

Then, the godfather commanded him, check it again until the examiner said, yes, Sir, he passed.

I hope you have learned something. I wish I could give you everything I know about PPE. If you have more questions, feel free to write it on the comment box.

17 thoughts on “How to Pass the Neuro Examination

  1. Hnd kasi ako criminologist. Kaya limited lng knowledge ko about sa bjmp. Sabi ko naman self motivated naman ako at learning is a process naman kya matututunan ko din sa training ang dapat. So sa tingin nio guys it’s a negative sa psychologist?


  2. Tanong ko lang magiging basehan ba ng psychologist kapag limited lang alam ng aplikante with regards sa bureau like bjmp.? Nainitial neuro interview na kasi ako Thanks.


  3. Hehe mahirap na tanong yan. Nangyari din yan sa akin noon. Wala akong connection sa bjmp. But I had a friend who knew someone to have a friend who hadha friend who can help me with my application.

    Pero, ang neuro kasi napaka importante. Kaya minsan ang iyong backer ay mag backout.

    Thats why I use General as an example. The topmost rank. Rare case lng yan. Just stick to the other requirements. Yan 95% chance mong pumasa.


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